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203-B West Patrick Street  Frederick, MD 21701  |  Phone: 301-663-3599


Danielle Adams

Executive Officer

Danielle joined FCBIA in 2021 from a family that has been in the building industry over 50 years.  As a native personally and professionally of Frederick County, Danielle’s career has spanned the financial, legal, educational, and nonprofit sectors.  She is a builder of valuable and lasting relationships, advocating for needs of FCBIA’s members to be informed, engaged, and successful.


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Donna Kraft

Executive Admin

With FCBIA for over 20 Years, Donna has seen it all! She is your contact for membership dues questions, invoices, payments, billing inquiries, and the like. Donna is also instrumental in conducting member events and the day-to-day operations of the association.


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Sarah Harne

Marketing & Communications

With over 12 years in the building industry in a marketing and communications capacity - 8 of which were with a top 25 private production builder - Sarah is passionate about helping builders and those in the building industry thrive. With a firm belief that a strong building industry means a strong economy, Sarah strives to improve public perceptions, support workforce development, and help businesses grow their network.


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