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Frederick Rescue Mission: FCBIA Members Step Up

County-wide you will find business after business hailing from the building industry lining high school football fields or little league fences with sponsorships. Participate in a 5K or community charity event and our logos and members are at the top tier level of support. Humanitarianism runs deep in the Building Industry’s DNA - especially here in Frederick. Despite our sometimes less-than-generous public perception, we remain the most generous in supporting the community we call home.

With our network and active membership through FCBIA, we have a unique position to work collectively to make a high-impact change and complete high-investment projects in the community. In that vein, our Executive Officer (EO) toured the Frederick Rescue Mission last year to identify their improvement projects. As many of our members have served on their board over the years, we have maintained an active relationship with this important Frederick nonprofit.

The last large-scale project our members have championed for the Frederick Rescue Mission was their 2016 Food Distribution Center led by DRB Homes (operating as Dan Ryan Builders at the time). As the Rescue Mission prioritizes meeting the needs of the community in which they serve, an opportunity to meet their needs surfaced when touring the parking lot- which was riddle with safety and functional concerns. Drainage installation and paving of their entire parking lot is a challenge the Rescue Mission has attempted to meet for fifteen years. Our EO knew that this is a problem that we can solve!

A project manager from FCBIA’s Board of Directors stepped up – Steve Oder of Cavalier Development, (incoming 2023 Land Use Council President). Site Prep was just a phone call away to Kirby Delauter of WF Delauter & Son, and asphalt workwa committed by Don Pleasants of Pleasants Construction. The heavy machinery was in place, yet another machine had to come to the table - the City of Frederick. With the engineering help of John Mazelon of Fox & Associates working with Mayor O’Connor and the City of Frederick’s Permitting and Engineering, the approval process was fast-tracked. Tracie Clabaugh of The Clabaugh Law Firm handled the easement agreement and title work. ECS Mid-Atlantic stepped in to conduct the geotechnical work, and Frederick Fence and Long Fence assisted with fencing. Non-members also stepped up to assist in project management, dumpsters, and donations. A ribbon cutting is set for January 23, 2023.

Uniting members to donate their time, talent, and treasure is what makes FCBIA a dynamic part of the Frederick community. Your membership matters and this is your membership in action. Every member is instrumental to our impact. Your membership, participation, and support are needed more than ever as we face new leadership in the county.

This project wouldn't be possible without the general support of :

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